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  • Return on men working in the New York Navy Yard; No New Construction Materials January 4, 1795 Author: Captain Silas Talbot Recipient: Timothy Pickering Summary: Enclosed is the return of the number and quality of en working in the New York Navy Yard last week. The letter informs Knox that the keel is only being held together with loose clamps due to a lack of bolts. No new construction materials have arrived since Talbot's last letter on the subject except for six tons of pig ballast.
  • No document found January 4, 1795 Author: Cornelius Sedam Recipient: William Simmons Summary: No image available.
  • Request for Explanation of Wayne Speech to Sachum Indians January 4, 1795 Author: Anthony Wayne Recipient: Isaac Williams Summary: Due to snow, Wayne believed the arrival of the Sachum Indians would be delayed to their rendez-vous with Williams. Wayne requested Williams fully explain the speech Wayne gave on the first of the month to the Indians and Lord Dorchester; Wayne promised destruction of tribes in the spring and summer if they did not accept the peace agreement.
  • Payment for Services January 4, 1795 Author: William Simmons Recipient: Forman Cheesman Summary: Informs Cheesman that he will receive the sum of 500 dollars from Nicholas Fish.
  • Instructions to Pay Forman Cheeseman January 4, 1795 Author: William Simmons Recipient: Nicholas Fish Summary: Informs Fish that the Treasurer will remit him the sum of 500 dollars to pay the constructor of a frigate building in New York.
  • Muster Roll and Receipts from Captain Ledam January 4, 1795 Author: [not available] Recipient: [not available] Summary: From Governors Island New York, Captain Ledam sends to an unknown recipient his Muster Roll for December and requests a draft on Colonel Fish. Ledam will deliver his receipts when he visits Philadelphia in February to close out his accounts for 1794.
  • Clothing for Dayton's Recruits January 5, 1795 Author: John Stagg Recipient: Samuel Hodgdon Summary: Ten suits of clothing for privates should be packed up and transported to Elizabeth Town, New Jersey for the use of Lieut. Horatio Dayton's artillery recruits at that place.
  • Payment Request, Translated from French January 5, 1795 Author: Peter A. Dransy Recipient: John Stagg Summary: Dransy requests $300 payment for allowance. His request was translated from French by Mr. Pourcheresse.
  • Enclosed Accounts, Request for Pay January 5, 1795 Author: Edmund H. Quincy Recipient: William Simmons Summary: Enclosed account for salary, which he requested be paid. If the method in which Quincy submitted his accounts for payment, he requested Simmons make a notation if it in his next letter.
  • Arrival of Mrs. Pike and Goods January 5, 1795 Author: Isaac Craig Recipient: Samuel Hodgdon Summary: Mrs. Pike and children arrived by wagon. Receipt and black horse returned with waggoner; John Poor. Request to pay Barker brothers receipt and charge to QM Department. Request for more nail rods.