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  • Clothing for Sergeant Williams January 1, 1795 Author: John Stagg Recipient: Samuel Hodgdon Summary: Sergeant Williams has not drawn woolen and linen overalls and a vest because none could be found to fit him. Since General Knox wants Williams sent to New Jersey to join the recruiting service, contractors should take his measure so he can be properly clothed.
  • Presidential Support and charges against General Wayne January 1, 1795 Author: James Wilkinson Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Use of flowery language to discuss court of inquiry and charges against General Anthony Wayne.
  • Enclosed Sundry Financial Papers January 1, 1795 Author: David Ames Recipient: James McHenry Summary: Ames requests money if accounts are to be settled. Methods for paying men discussed.
  • Employment of Militia, Spies, and Scouts January 1, 1795 Author: Arthur St. Clair Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Extended occupation of militia in Washington County for the protection of the settlers. Letter regarding the employment of scouts and spies via order by Col. Sproat was received, it was the first evidence St. Clair received of Sproat's authority on that issue. St. Clair assumed that authorization go directly through the executive authority of the Territory.
  • Articles of Agreement between Alexander Hamilton and Samuel Breck January 1, 1795 Author: Alexander Hamilton Recipient: [not available] Summary: Agreement that the U.S. will purchase sail cloth from S. Breck on behalf of the Canvas or Sail cloth Manufactory at Boston and that the articles will be delivered to appointed person.
  • Estimates from T. Francis January 1, 1795 Author: Tench Coxe Recipient: Alexander Hamilton Summary: Notification of receipt of T. Francis estimates (for the fortification the port of Philadelphia). If the need for supplies is urgent, Francis believed import of goods from Great Britain and Ireland on credit would be a sufficient choice.
  • Letter Citation January 1, 1795 Author: Tench Francis Recipient: Tench Coxe Summary: Cited in Coxe to Hamilton, 01/01/1795.
  • Formal Peace Alliance with Tribes at Sandusky January 1, 1795 Author: Anthony Wayne Recipient: Sachems Summary: Formal acceptance of U.S. to discuss peace with tribes of Sandusky. Hopes to create an alliance against those who caused mischief.
  • Payroll and Account of the Armorers Employed at Springfield January 1, 1795 Author: David Ames Recipient: Timothy Pickering Summary: Ames discusses the settlement of his accounts and inquires as to how he should contract with the workers at the armory in the future.
  • Letter Citation January 2, 1795 Author: William Simmons Recipient: Caleb Swan Summary: Cited in Swan to Simmons, 02/06/1796.