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  • Purveyor of Public Supplies January 7, 1794 Author: George Washington Recipient: Congress of the United States Summary: The President of the United States addresses Congress, advising that it would be useful to have an officer charged with the duties of receiving, safe keeping, and distributing the public supplies. Such an office would secure a regular and punctual accountability for the issues of public supplies.
  • On the subject of newspapers January 8, 1794 Author: John Pierce Recipient: John Holt Summary: Discusses papers sent, receipt of newspapers, and subscription to a newspaper.
  • Enclosed letters January 8, 1794 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: Bartholomew Dandridge Summary: Encloses letters from Governor William Blount of the Southwest Territory. Requests that the letters be forwarded to President Washington.
  • Account of Samuel Morris January 8, 1794 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: Richard Harrison Summary: Certification of pay and service for Samuel Morris, late private in the 11th Virginia Regiment.
  • Provisions Used and Required; Reclaiming Site of St. Clair's Defeat; Skirmishes with Indians January 8, 1794 Author: Anthony Wayne Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Wayne will forward returns of stores used, and transmit supply needs for coming months; encloses list of men whose enlistments will expire before June, and lists new promotions. Notes conclusion of court-martial of Ensign Morgan. Encloses correspondence with contractors. Reports seizing and fortifying the site of St. Clair's defeat in 1791. Notes a small skirmish between U.S. scouts and...
  • Muster Roll of Recruits January 8, 1794 Author: Cornelius Lyman Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: Enclosed is the muster roll of recruits at the rendezvous at Springfield. The duplicate will be sent in the next post.
  • Claim for pay January 8, 1794 Author: Frederick Jordan Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: Discusses the circumstances of his claim for arrears of pay owed him for service in the Revolutionary War
  • Account of Capt. John Ingles January 9, 1794 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: An appropriation is required to settle the account of Capt. John Ingles of the late line of North Carolina.
  • Daedalus Frigate January 10, 1794 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: Edmund Randolph Summary: Letter, advises re Daedalus frigate.
  • Letter Citation January 10, 1794 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: Isaac Shelby Summary: Cited in Shelby to Knox, 02/10/1794.