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  • Indians attacked by whites January 2, 1794 Author: Captain Richard B. Roberts Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Letter to the Secretary of War regarding the attacks upon the Creek nation by a party of whites in Georgia.
  • Employment in the Gun Business January 2, 1794 Author: John Legg Recipient: Samuel Hodgdon Summary: Joseph Perkins published in the Virginia Herald an advertisement for men skilled in the gun business to be employed in New London. He left thirty dollars with Legg to employ as many workmen as he could. Legg asks Hodgdon to provide the necessary money to carry the advertisement into effect. So far only two men have been engaged.
  • Testimony on the white attack on Indians January 2, 1794 Author: Bartlet Walker Recipient: Unknown Recipient Summary: On December 28th a party of whites murdered two Creek Indians hunting in Georgia who had neither attacked them nor threatened them. Bartlet Walker, aged 16 years, testifies that Capt. Jonathan Adams and three others fired upon and killed the Indians.
  • Indians attacked by whites January 2, 1794 Author: Captain Richard B. Roberts Recipient: Governor Edward Telfair Summary: Capt. Richard Roberts writes the Governor of Georgia on the vicious attack against a band of hunting Creek Indians by a group of whites under the command of Capt. Jonathan Adams. Roberts details what happened.
  • Estimate for building and equipping a ship of war from Thomas Fitzsimmons January 3, 1794 Author: Thomas Fitzsimmons Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Fitzsimmons agrees to provide estimates for building and equipping a ship of war. He promises to send the estimate next morning.
  • Twenty Suits of Infantry Clothing January 3, 1794 Author: John Stagg Recipient: Samuel Hodgdon Summary: Hodgdon is directed to have packed up and transported to the recruiting service at Lancaster, addressed to Ensign Levi McClean, twenty suits of infantry clothing, leaving out the linen overalls. Also forward to the same address twenty stands of arms and accoutrements.
  • Craig discusses military stores and shipment with Hodgdon January 3, 1794 Author: Isaac Craig Recipient: Samuel Hodgdon Summary: Major Craig acknowledges arrival of the Quartermaster General and receipt of five thousand dollars sent by Samuel Hodgdon.
  • War Office Salaries, October, November & December 1793 January 3, 1794 Author: War Department Recipient: [not available] Summary: Document, receipt documenting salaries paid in the War Office.
  • Major Craig sends status report from Fort Pitt to the Secretary at War January 3, 1794 Author: Isaac Craig Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Major Craig informs Secretary Knox that detachments under the command of Captains Cook and Thompson have arrived at Fort Pitt and that the whiskey ration for the troops has been commenced.
  • Enclosed Vouchers January 3, 1794 Author: Daniel Bissell Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: Pay roll received, agreeable to instructions by Howell, Bissell enclosed recruiting information and vouchers.