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  • Indians attacked by whites January 1, 1794 Author: Constant Freeman Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Informs the Secretary of War, from Georgia, that an unfortunate event on December 28 has destroyed hopes for peace between the United States and the Creek nation. The Bird-tail king and eight of his town were treacherously attacked by a party of whites, killing two Creek Indians.
  • Pay Rolls and Muster Roll January 1, 1794 Author: John Bryant Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: Updates on accounts kept by Bryant for Company in Springfield, location of accounts in military stores.
  • Articles of Agreement January 1, 1794 Author: [not available] Recipient: [not available] Summary: Articles of Agreement between Alexander Hamilton and Robert Elliot and Elie Williams.
  • Indians attacked by whites January 1, 1794 Author: Constant Freeman Recipient: Governor Edward Telfair Summary: Informs the Governor of Georgia of an unfortunate event harming the state's relationship with the Creek Indians. On December 28th the White Bird-tail king and eight Cussetahs, encouraged by assurances of safety from Mr. Seagrove, were hunting when two of them were treacherously murdered by a party of whites. Three white men had appeared to the Indians without arms. The Indians received and...
  • Pattern Coat & Vest for Sergeants January 2, 1794 Author: John Stagg Recipient: Samuel Hodgdon Summary: The Secretary of War directs Hodgdon to send to his office the pattern coat and vest for sergeants. The contractors have brought some cloth samples which they propose as substitutes. Mr. Stille has been asked to be present at the examination.
  • Accounts of Ensign Lowther January 2, 1794 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: Richard Harrison Summary: Howell discusses the account of Lowther about which it was mistakenly believed that he had broken his parole and therefore justice was not done to him.
  • William Semple's Business January 2, 1794 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: Isaac Craig Summary: Howell discusses the War Department's business with William Semple, complications from which make it impossible to resolve Semple's account to his perfect satisfaction.
  • Payroll Procedures January 2, 1794 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: Isaac Craig Summary: Clarifies meaning of letter respecting William Sample's business. Describes payroll procedures. Regrets that he cannot arrange the business to Mr. Sample's perfect satisfaction.
  • Letter from the new Secretary of State January 2, 1794 Author: Edmund Randolph Recipient: Alexander Hamilton Summary: Edmund Randolph, having just taken his oath of office as Secretary of State, writes Alexander Hamilton and Henry Knox, also in Washington's cabinet. Randolph replaced Jefferson, who openly disagreed with Hamilton while Secretary of State, so Randolph promises to largely keep his own opinions to himself.
  • Treaty with Northwestern Indians January 2, 1794 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: George Washington Summary: The Secretary of War writes the President of the United States concerning a treaty with the Wabash and Northwestern Indians; mentions that most of the principal chiefs of the Wabash Indians who visited Philadelphia died of smallpox afterward.