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  • Settlement of Major Beatty's Account January 10, 1793 Author: Caleb Swan Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: Major Erkuries Beatty has exhibited his vouchers for the expenditure of public monies charged to him in order to obtain his discharge from the service. Said vouchers are enclosed, though not validated, being referred to Howell's office for final settlement.
  • Request to Forward Letter to Lieutenant Robert Thompson January 11, 1793 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: Isaac Craig Summary: Request to forward letter to Lieutenant Robert Thompson at Pittsburg.
  • Two Months Pay of the Troops January 11, 1793 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: Caleb Swan Summary: Two months pay of the troops will be prepared in six to eight days. Howell wants to know the sum of money currently in Swan's hands in order to know how much should be remitted.
  • Account of Thomas Gibson January 11, 1793 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: Richard Harrison Summary: Certification of pay and service for Thomas Gibson, late private in the 3rd New Jersey Regiment. Gibson is owed 29 dollars.
  • Letter Citation January 11, 1793 Author: Samuel Hodgdon Recipient: James O'Hara Summary: Cited in O'Hara to Hodgdon, 02/24/1793.
  • Money Charged to General James Wilkinson's Account January 11, 1793 Author: Caleb Swan Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: Swan explains the $553 that have been charged to General Wilkinson's account. $500 was to go to Major Adair's militia who were to be discharged following their defeat with St. Clair.
  • Report on Creek Indian Affairs, hostility in south January 11, 1793 Author: Henry Gaither Recipient: Samuel Hodgdon Summary: Reports activity among forts in Georgia, Alabama, and Florida, between Mr. Seagrove and Major Habersham. Arrived from Fort Fidius and St. Mary's. Discusses paying the troops. Refers to James Seagrove, Creek Indian Agent, and Lieutenant Van Allen, and a doctor. Reports on Indian wish to live in peace. Mentions Wellbanks and St Augustine. Reference to General Washington talks, the Secretary of War...
  • Training and Payment of Troops January 12, 1793 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: Anthony Wayne Summary: Swan's Arrival for Payment of Troops. Recruiting and pay grade addressed, Knox optimistic that the increased training of troops would make them more effective and professional than militia.
  • War Dept. Personnel Issues January 12, 1793 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: Anthony Wayne Summary: Knox addresses personnel issues including pay (the paymaster is finally on site), promotions, reductions in force, pay raises, and training. Several Wabash chiefs have died of smallpox.
  • Requests Communication and Collaboration with General Knox January 12, 1793 Author: William Perkins Recipient: Samuel Hodgdon Summary: Requests that Hodgdon confer with General Knox, with whom he has written requesting some sort of aid on behalf of General Lincoln.