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  • Order & Discipline in the Legion, and Reinforcements & Promotions January 4, 1793 Author: Anthony Wayne Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Wayne hopes the Legion's officers' communique on rations does not injure its impression of order and discipline, as these have been trained into them well. Detachment of Virginia dragoons has arrived, sadly reduced by desertion; they will be sent down the Ohio to Fort Washington. Necessary promotions in the cavalry have been made, due to shortage of officers; 2 resignations mentioned, one by an...
  • Pay for the Recruits at Springfield January 4, 1793 Author: Cornelius Lyman Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: Captain Lyman informs Howell that the recruits at Springfield have not been paid since May 1792 even though the muster rolls have been forwarded to Howell's office.
  • Message of the Cornplanter and New Arrow January 5, 1793 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: President of the Senate of the United States Summary: "In obedience to the order of the President of the United States I have the honor to submit to the Senate a message of the Cornplanter and New Arrow to Major General Wayne of the 8th ultimo. The subject of Indians affairs being under the consideration of Congress, the President has conceived it proper that they should be possessed of the message now submitted."
  • Consideration of Public Opinion and U.S. Reputation in Possible Indian War January 5, 1793 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: Anthony Wayne Summary: Knox expresses concern regarding the public's negative reaction to an Indian war and hopes that the current peace negotiations are successful. He fears that an Indian war will inevitably result in the destruction of the tribes and that will have an ill effect on the reputation of the US before the rest of the world.
  • Requests Delivery of horse, bridle, and saddle to McClary January 5, 1793 Author: John Stagg Recipient: Samuel Hodgdon Summary: Stagg conveys Secretary of War request for delivery of horse, bridle, and saddle to McClary.
  • Request for Issue of Uniform for John Byrne January 5, 1793 Author: John Stagg Recipient: Samuel Hodgdon Summary: The Secretary of War requests that a complete suit of uniform be issued to John Byrne, a recently disabled soldier of Captain Orme.
  • Forwarding of Nails, Iron, and Clothing January 5, 1793 Author: Samuel Hodgdon Recipient: Isaac Craig Summary: At request of Quarter Master General, bearer brings iron, and nails. At Secretary of War's request, forwards remains of the hundred complete suits of clothing, to make up for deficiencies.
  • Joseph Perkins relays Information about Captain Holt, payroll, guard of magazine January 5, 1793 Author: Joseph Perkin Recipient: Samuel Hodgdon Summary: From New London Connecticut. Makes reference to Richmond. Comments that about being all destitute of money. Hopes to have some money. Notes that he made out to deliver to Captain Holt. Asks to send forward the muster.
  • Recommendations for Construction of Ships to Form a Navy January 6, 1793 Author: Joshua Humphreys Recipient: Robert Morris Summary: Humphreys believes that the United States should have a Navy. He believes that the US Navy would need to consider carefully what sort of ships would comprise it, given the nature of the coast and harbors. Frigates would be the first object, at least 150 feet keel, built of red cedar and live oak, with decks of Carolina pine. The frigates should carry 32 or 24 pound guns, because 12 or 18 pound...
  • Yourself and Property Shall Be Safe January 6, 1793 Author: David Cornell Recipient: James Seagrove Summary: David Cornell informs James Seagrove that he took a scalp in the Cumberland at the behest of the Spanish; therefore, due to this foreign influence, Cornell maintains that he is not rightly to be blamed for this incident. Cornell continues to assure Seagrove's safety in treating with his tribe.