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  • Letter Citation January 1, 1793 Author: Caleb Swan Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: Cited in Howell to Swan, 01/18/1793.
  • Settlement with troops January 1, 1793 Author: William Powers Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: Has settled with Sergeant Bennett. Encloses account of John Robert. Will get the witness sworn as soon as possible. Mr. Scott of Senate will call on Howell and acknowledge rest.
  • Request from Captain Pratt for Delivery of Clothing and Blankets; Refers to Pay Roll January 1, 1793 Author: Captain Pratt Recipient: Samuel Hodgdon Summary: A clerk informs Hodgdon that Captain Pratt asks to deliver clothing. Refers to payrolls and blankets.
  • Account of Captain Downman January 1, 1793 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: Richard Harrison Summary: Certification of service and settlement of pay for Rawleigh Downman, late a Captain of the 3rd Georgia Regiment.
  • Receipt, War Office salaries paid January 3, 1793 Author: War Office Recipient: [not available] Summary: Receipt, War Office salaries paid.
  • Report on the Southwestern Frontier January 3, 1793 Author: James Seagrove Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Seagrove discusses the situation on the frontier which is mostly peaceful despite several incidents involving violence by Indians.
  • Letter Citation January 3, 1793 Author: Isaac Craig Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Cited in Knox to Craig, 01/11/1793.
  • Inspectors of Hats, Boots, and Shoes January 3, 1793 Author: Alexander Hamilton Recipient: John Miller Summary: "It is perfectly agreeable to me that Nathaniel Walters and Peter Cooper, the two persons mentioned in your letter of the 22nd ultimo, should be employed as inspectors at the prices folowing---vizt. for inspecting the hats 7/6 [?] per day and for inspecting the boots and shoes at the rate iof hal a center per pair round."
  • Peace overtures towards Indians, reinforcements, and mounted militia January 4, 1793 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: James Wilkinson Summary: Letter, mentions overtures of peace towards Indians; informs regarding reinforcements; discusses mounted militia. Mounted militia useful but expensive.
  • Accounts of the Army and timely pay January 4, 1793 Author: Benjamin Mifflin Recipient: Caleb Swan Summary: Mifflin complains that the want of a settlement in the accounts of the troops creates embarrassment. The very existence of the War Department will be materially affected by the manner in which the accounts of the Army are conducted.