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  • Faulty Returns and Promises of Land January 9, 1792 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: Henry Lee Summary: Poor quality of documents submitted by Virginia has made the payment of soldiers difficult. Promise of land in return for service disputed.
  • Account information Lieutenant Jonathan Ayre January 10, 1792 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: Richard Harrison Summary: Account of Lieutenant Jonathan Ayre of Colonel Wessen's Massachusetts Regiment; document also mentions the account of Nathaniel Frye.
  • Difficulty of Final Adjustment of Levy Accounts January 10, 1792 Author: Samuel Hodgdon Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: The loss of vouchers during the late action and the dispersal of the levies makes it difficult to settle all accounts but since all advances have been recorded, there will be no loss to the public.
  • Pay of Detachment at West Point January 10, 1792 Author: George Fleming Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: Enclosed are the muster and payrolls of the detachment of Artillery stationed at West Point for the months of October, November, and December. Fleming proposes drawing on Howell a simple draft in favor of William Hill, merchant of New York, for the said pay.
  • Knox issues license to trade with the Six Nations to Danford January 11, 1792 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: Mr. Danford Summary: Knox issues license to trade with the Indians of the Six Nations to Mr. Danford.
  • Knox makes recommendation to Lincoln January 12, 1792 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: Benjamin Lincoln Summary: Knox writes to Lincoln to secure employment for the son of Pierce.
  • Powder & Ball January 12, 1792 Author: John Stagg Recipient: William Knox Summary: Knox should provide every assistance to Mr. Manning in having the powder and ball sent to the river.
  • This Unfortunate Affair, Etc. January 12, 1792 Author: Robert Barr Recipient: Samuel Hodgdon Summary: The only course to follow is to have Col. Darke represent the true state of the case to Congress and at the same time draw a draft for the appropriate amount. Surely Col. Darke will do everything in his power to help us out of this unfortunate affair given his own role in leading us into it.
  • Settlement of the Accounts of the First and Second Regiments January 12, 1792 Author: Samuel Hodgdon Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Hodgdon notes that if the First and Second Regiments are not credited they will stand charged which will be duly noted in the final adjustment of accounts.
  • Supplies and Update from Fort Franklin January 12, 1792 Author: Isaac Craig Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Request to Turnbull and Marnie to cast six pound shot for United States. Due to severe winter weather, procuring materials for block house has been difficult and Craig cannot give an accurate estimate of costs. Levies have deserted for want of proper winter clothing. Military updates from Fort Franklin.