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  • Letter Citation January 3, 1792 Author: Reverend Samuel Kirkland Recipient: Captain Joseph Brant Summary: Cited in Kirkland to Brant, 01/25/1792.
  • Land Warrant Agreement January 3, 1792 Author: Dinah McEntire Recipient: George Moore Summary: Land warrant agreement of Dinah McEntire, wife of late soldier in the 3rd Pennsylvania regiment.
  • Resignation of General Harmar January 4, 1792 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: Josiah Harmar Summary: Knox accepts, upon behalf of the President, the resignation of General Harmar but assures the general that the President regrets the loss of his service to the public.
  • Authorization to Contract with Manufacturer for Rifles January 4, 1792 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: General Edward Hand Summary: Rifle manufacturers proposal received; discusses contract and penalties for rifle manufacture.
  • Return of Clothing Wanting for Recruits of Captain Thomas Hughes. January 4, 1792 Author: Thomas Hughes Recipient: [not available] Summary: Return of clothing, arms and accoutrement used by Capt Hughes' troops of the Second [2nd] US Regiment. Includes woolen overalls, shirts, shoes, blankets, hats, knapsacks, bayonets, belts, cartridge boxes, buckles.
  • Request for escort to accompany survey of Miami Purchase January 4, 1792 Author: Israel Ludlow Recipient: Samuel Hodgdon Summary: Ludlow informed Hodgdon that he made application to the Commandant of troops at Fort Washington, conformable to instructions from Secretary of Treasury, for an escort to accompany him while on survey of lands from Miami Purchase, also known as Symmes Purchase, located in what is now Southwestern Ohio, along the Ohio River. The survey would be conducted with the aid of woodsmen who would act as...
  • Letters to be Forwarded January 5, 1792 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: Isaac Craig Summary: Duplicates of original letters intended for lieutenants of several counties in Pennsylvania and Virgina. If Craig believes the originals will reach the lieuts before an express of the duplicates, he can send the duplicates by regular mail.
  • Letter from the Reverend Samuel Kirkland to Secretary of War Henry Knox on arrival at Oneida with a number of Oneida Chiefs, dissent between Western Confederacy and Six Nations, St. Clair's defeat, meeting of Chiefs at Philadelphia, and condition of Captain Brant January 5, 1792 Author: Reverend Samuel Kirkland Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Kirkland informs Knox of arrival at Oneida with a number of Oneida Chiefs, conducted back from Albany New York. Captain John and Peter Asequitte set out with Colonel Pickering's invitation speech for Buffaloe Creek. Defeat of St. Clair's army has alarmed the Senekas and Six Nations. Message sent to Senekas and Captain Brant from Western Confederacy on intentions to visit Six Nations and desire...
  • Financial Responsibility for Defense of the Frontiers January 5, 1792 Author: Thomas Mifflin Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Governor Mifflin assures Knox that he will take the necessary steps with the state legislature to support the plan of the president to have the General Government take financial responsibility for the defense of the frontiers by state militias.
  • Extra Pay Required for Volunteers January 5, 1792 Author: Henry Lee Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Governor Lee of Virginia asks that Knox support the request that the General Government provide the extra pay required to attract volunteers for the state militias thereby avoiding the need for conscription.