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  • Letter Citation January 11, 1791 Author: Captain Silas Talbot Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Cited in Knox to Talbot, 02/07/1791.
  • Letter Citation January 11, 1791 Author: James Wilkinson Recipient: Caleb Swan Summary: Cited in Swan to Wilkinson, 03/11/1792.
  • Settlement of Captain E. Bailey's Account January 11, 1791 Author: Unknown Author Recipient: Nicholas Eveleigh Summary: An examination of Captain Bailey's account shows that a considerable balance is due the United States from him.
  • Estimate of Three Month's Pay, Subsistance, and Forage January 12, 1791 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Howell encloses an estimate of three months pay, subsistance, and forage for junior officers of a United States Regiment.
  • Hobby seeks an appointment from Knox January 12, 1791 Author: John Hobby Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Letter, asks for recommendation to federal appointment. Hobby encloses a description of his experience which "entitles" him to a particular military position.
  • On receipts for payments to the Scouts of Mason County January 13, 1791 Author: Peter Hagner Recipient: Henry Lee Summary: Peter Hagnar notifies Henry Lee that receipts for payments made to the Scouts of Mason County indicate an error.
  • Size of rifle barrels January 13, 1791 Author: General Edward Hand Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Hand fixes the length of rifle barrels at 3 feet 3 & 1/2 inches.
  • Appointment of John Tharp as a Superintendant of Artificers January 14, 1791 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: Knox appoints John Tharp a Superintendant of Artificers to be employed on the western frontier.
  • Land Promised the Men of the Virginia Line January 14, 1791 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: George Washington Summary: Knox references Resolves of the Legislature of Virginia regarding land promised to the officers and soldiers of the Virginia Line of the Continental Army. These resolves should be placed before the Congress of the United States.
  • Protection of Virginia's Frontier Settlers January 15, 1791 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: George Washington Summary: Although Knox agrees that the western frontier of Virginia should be defended at the expense of the United States, he does not approve of the methods for providing that defense set forth by Virginia and provides his own recommendations to the President.