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  • Aid from the General Government January 8, 1791 Author: Rufus Putnam Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Following an Indian attack in which fourteen people were killed, Putnam pleads for additional money and resources from the General Government to protect against future attacks.
  • Settlement of Colonel Wood's Account January 8, 1791 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: Nicholas Eveleigh Summary: Report on the settlement of Colonel James Wood's account in regards to monies accounted to the Pay Office. Sent to the Comptroller of the Treasury.
  • Letter Citation January 9, 1791 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: Henry Jackson Summary: Cited in Jackson to Knox, 01/23/1791.
  • Jackson discusses appointments and the militia with Knox January 9, 1791 Author: Henry Jackson Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Letter, Jackson discusses Federal appointments; mentions militia; wishes for war between England and Spain.
  • Assist in Recruiting January 10, 1791 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: Staats Morris Summary: Orders to assist Capt. John Smith with recruiting in New York City.
  • Dragoon Appointment List January 10, 1791 Author: War Department Recipient: Solomon Van Rensselaer Summary: Document, lists officer appointments in Dragoons
  • Speech of Seneca Chiefs to the President January 10, 1791 Author: Seneca Chiefs Recipient: George Washington Summary: Cornplanter and other Seneca chiefs make their plea to the President to restore some of the land fraudulently taken from them by the Treaty of Fort Stanwix.
  • Assignment and Power of Attorney January 10, 1791 Author: James McFarland Recipient: Robert Prise Summary: Document grants power of attorney from James McFarland, late soldier in the Pennsylvania Line during the Revolutionary War, to Robert Prise.
  • Request for contract to make boots for cavalry service January 11, 1791 Author: John Stagg Recipient: William Knox Summary: Chief Clerk John Stagg relays Secretary of War request that William Knox contract a reputable bootmaker in Philadelphia to make 100 pairs of boots at the lowest rate for the cavalry service. Boots should large, strong and of good quality. Conduct with dispatch.
  • Concerning the Pay of Pennsylvania Militia January 11, 1791 Author: R.J. Vandenbrock Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: Writes that he has presented Howell's report to the War Secretary on the pay of the militia of Alleghany County, who recommended that a certificate be produced from the State Comptroller of Pennsylvania.