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  • Account of Caleb Swan from Ensign Pull, Marietta December 31, 1791 Author: [not available] Recipient: Caleb Swan Summary: From Ensign Pull of the Levies, for the sum of $15.34 paid him at Marietta on account of Caleb Swan's letter to Howell dated Marietta 31 December 1791.
  • Recruiting Instructions for a Regiment of Levies. 1791 Author: Unknown Author Recipient: [not available] Summary: Document, recruiting instructions given to the Commanding Officer of the Regiment of Levies; discusses protection of the frontiers; discusses troops and recruiting.
  • Proceedings of the Council with the Six Nations 1791 Author: Timothy Pickering Recipient: Chiefs & Warriors of the Six Nations Summary: These are the proceedings of the Council with the Six Nations. The following matters are discussed: the Revolutionary War; Indians and Indian warfare; white aggression; Indian aggression; war with Western Indians; civilizing the Indians; benefits of writing; white encroachment; and the proof of the general government's good will.
  • Estimate of the modes of augmentation of the troops 1791 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: Unknown Recipient Summary: A detailed estimate by Knox of the cost, according to rank, of augmenting the army, including pay and provisioning.
  • Discussion of Debts and Imprisonment of Recruits 1791 Author: Bezaleel Howe Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Questions the practicality of the law regarding small debts of men recruited for military service.
  • EXTRACT: Regarding Boundary Lines with Creeks 1791 Author: Alexander McGillivray Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Account of Creeks decision to draw boundary with United States at north fork of river.
  • Affidavit of Colonel John Harding, 1791 Author: John Hardin Recipient: [not available] Summary: This is the affidavit of Colonel John Harding relative to the inquiry into the conduct of General Harmar during the 1790 Indian campaign. Colonel Hardin found no fault with General Harmarís conduct.
  • Order of Battle, march and encampment of the Army of the United States under Major General Arthur St. Clair during the campaign of 1791 1791 Author: Winthrop Sargent Recipient: [not available] Summary: Order of Battle, march and encampment of the Army of the United States under Major General Arthur St. Clair during the campaign of 1791.
  • Ratification of the deed of Assignment for the two Indian children of Ebenezer Allan. 1791 Author: [not available] Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Document, ratification of a deed of assignment executed by the Chiefs of the Seneka Nation to the two Indian Children of Ebenezer Allan.
  • Copy of a Speech from Major General Butler to the Five Nations. 1791 Author: Major General Richard Butler Recipient: [not available] Summary: War Captains Broken Twig and Big Tree want to return to the Five Nations and advise them to consider about the speech by the Governor of the Western Territory. After years of working as Superintendent of Indian Affairs and helping to establish boundary lines and trade, Butler is distressed that the Nations are talking about war. The United States stands by its assertion to protect the Five...