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  • Letter Citation January 1, 1790 Author: Philip Schuyler Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Cited in Knox to Kirkland, 01/07/1790.
  • Henry Knox writes to William Duer January 2, 1790 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: William Duer Summary: Letter, illegible.
  • Blank Bills of Exchange for the Regiment January 2, 1790 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: Matthew Ernest Summary: Howell asks Ernest to forward the blank bills of exchange to Capt. Beatty to be used for the business of the regiment.
  • Blank Bills of Exchange for the Regiment January 2, 1790 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: Major Erkuries Beatty Summary: Howell discusses Beatty's need for blank Bills of Exchange and fears that the 282 he is sending will not be sufficient for Beatty's needs.
  • Pay for Harmar's Troops January 2, 1790 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: Josiah Harmar Summary: Howell discusses the plan for making the first and second installments of the pay for Harmar's troops but wishes to postpone the third installment until the regiment's account is settled with the help of Captain Beatty.
  • Offering congratulations to Knox January 2, 1790 Author: Marquis de la Rouerie Charles Armand Tuffin Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: The Marquis offers congratulations on Knox's appointment to the post of Secretary of War. The Marquis also upholds Americans as great people who he hopes will consider him a friend and discusses Society of Cincinnati membership.
  • Letter to the Paymaster General January 2, 1790 Author: Joseph King Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: Letter to the Paymaster General and the Commissioner of Army Accounts; mentions Jacob Read and the appropriate certificates.
  • Knox forwards Jones' application to Hamilton January 3, 1790 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: John Coffin Jones Summary: Knox is letting John Coffin Jones know that he has delivered his letter to the Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton.
  • General Statement of Indian Policy January 4, 1790 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: George Washington Summary: In a comprensive statement of Indian policies, Knox discusses the cost of war and peace with the Indian Nations along the Southwestern frontier. He speculates on the size of an army necessary to engage hostile Indians along this vast expanse of territory. He concludes that peace and diplomacy are more cost effective than war. He references the practice of providing gifts to subjugated people...
  • Williams writes Knox from London January 4, 1790 Author: Jonathan Williams Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Jonathan William writes Henry Knox from London to discuss the French Revolution. William believes the the French Revolution is a just war for freedom which continues the American tradition of liberty, linking events in France to the American Revolution. He also hopes that the revolution may spread to the Spanish and Portuguese colonies so that they too could have democratic governments.