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  • Return of Maryland Artillery January 14, 1789 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: C. Richmond Summary: Encloses return of Maryland Artillery.
  • Major Sargent discusses territorial judges January 14, 1789 Author: Winthrop Sargent Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Letter, discusses appointees for Judge of Territory.
  • Certificates respecting Mr. Clarkson, postmaster to the Army January 14, 1789 Author: [not available] Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: The bearer has called on the author with some certificates respecting Mr. Clarkson, postmaster to the Army under the Marquis de la Fayette. All he know about the business is that Mr. Clarkson was postmaster at Williamsburg.
  • Report of Talks with Hanging Maw of Cherokees and Plunder by John Sevier January 15, 1789 Author: Joseph Martin Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Reports that some Indians retreated to his plantation in South Carolina in order to escape Mr. Sevier. Martin met with Hanging Maw, Cherokee Chief and reports that he wished to settle all quarrels and will go to his nation to put a stop to war. Martin reports that later he was attacked by party of Creek Indians on his plantation in Georgia. Reports on acts of plunder by Sevier, which was allayed...
  • Sundry papers for services of Zachariah Cooke January 16, 1789 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: A.W. Dunscomb Summary: Regarding the sundry papers for services of Zachariah Cooke. The claim was made some months after the limitation made by Congress and must be considered foreclosed. Is unhappy that Dunscomb suggests that Howell dispense with the rules of office in this case.
  • Errors in accounts January 17, 1789 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Summary: Encloses list of errors in the course of examining the accounts of coast guard militia of Wolcott's state.
  • Report on the Treaty of Fort Harmar January 18, 1789 Author: Arthur St. Clair Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Reports that the business related to the Treaty of Fort Harmar has finished. They have renewed their former engagements; that is the Six Nations, Wyandots, Chippewas, Delawares, Pottawatamies, and Sacs. They seem well satisfied. States that one good consequence is that the confederacy is broken and Joseph Brant has lost his influence. River is presently frozen and communications by water cut off....
  • On the convening of congress; reference to Brant and his Mohawks January 19, 1789 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: Arthur St. Clair Summary: Knox reports that still there is no congress, although it is expected to convene 1 February. Hopes for favorable intelligence. Has learned that most of the tribes except Brandt [Mohawk leader Joseph Brant] and his Mohawks, are with him.
  • Settling of accounts January 20, 1789 Author: William Irvine Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: Authors observe by the ordinance of Congress for settling accounts between United States and states, the commissioners of districts are directed to lodge in Howell's office the claims of the several states. Mention that they are ready to receive any papers and communications.
  • Regarding land purchases; geographical information; the imminent death of the King of Great Britain January 26, 1789 Author: Tench Coxe Recipient: Thomas Mifflin Summary: Discusses land purchases in New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania from Indians and reports on the imminent death of the King of Great Britain from a dropsical disease. Suggests that a change of kings will result in increased public debt.