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  • An act to amend the several acts respecting the Militia January 1, 1788 Author: A. Blair Recipient: [not available] Summary: Outlines governor's role in calling up, regulating, and using militia.
  • Virginia House of Delegates January 3, 1788 Author: John Pierce Recipient: Board of Treasury Summary: Letter to the Board of Treasury regarding the Commissioner of Army Account's communication with the Virginia House of Delegates.
  • Arms in want of repairs January 4, 1788 Author: William Price Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Agreeable to the Secretary at War's directions, Price has selected out five hundred arms in want of repairs. Also informs Knox that he has forwarded the returns of ordnance and quartermaster stores for the month of December to James Duncan.
  • Letter from the Directors of the Ohio Company January 4, 1788 Author: Rufus Putnam Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: On behalf of the directors of the Ohio Company, Rufus Putnam applies to the Secretary at War for military protection of frontier settlements.
  • Samuel Miles discusses army accounts with Joseph Howell January 4, 1788 Author: Samuel Miles Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: Samuel Mills requests that Joseph Howell provide him with confirmation that prisoners were paid and promoted while in captivity.
  • E. Haskell discusses army accounts with John Pierce January 5, 1788 Author: E. Haskell Recipient: John Pierce Summary: E. Haskell asks John Pierce a question regarding implementation of Congressional resolution, 26 February 1778.
  • Documenting Indian expenses January 6, 1788 Author: John Woods Recipient: Unknown Recipient Summary: John Woods documents the United States' expenses related to Indians, including the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations.
  • Joseph Howell discusses army accounts with Colonel Samuel Miles January 7, 1788 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: Samuel Miles Summary: Joseph Howell supplies Samuel Miles with confirmation that officers in captivity were paid and promoted.
  • Account with United States January 8, 1788 Author: John Pierce Recipient: General William Darke Summary: Discusses Colonel William Darke's account with the United States government.
  • Cited letter or document, William Hooper to John Pierce January 8, 1788 Author: William Hooper Recipient: John Pierce Summary: Cited in Pierce to Hooper, 02/26/1788.