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  • Accounts of Colonel Moyland January 22, 1787 Author: John Pierce Recipient: Jonathan Nicholson Summary: Tells Nicholson that he cannot correct the errors in the accounts of the officers of Colonel Moyland's corps until he has reviewed their certificates so he asks Nicholson to forward the certificates to New York.
  • Claim of Colonel Harrison January 23, 1787 Author: John Pierce Recipient: Charles Harrison Summary: Responding to Colonel Harrison's claim, Pierce informs him of the details of his account and of several irregularities that need to be corrected.
  • Account current for Col. Harrison January 23, 1787 Author: John Pierce Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: Account current of Colonel Charles Harrison with the United States for his service during the Revolutionary War
  • Cited letter or document, Royal Flint to John Pierce January 23, 1787 Author: Royal Flint Recipient: John Pierce Summary: Cite only; no image Cited in Pierce to Flint, 02/05/1787.
  • Irregularities in accounts January 24, 1787 Author: John Pierce Recipient: Andrew Dunscomb Summary: The Commissioner of Army Accounts discusses with Dunscomb the accounts of Col. Harrison, Col. Cropper, John Trotter, John Reasoner, and John McDowell, each of which have irregularities that must be resolved.
  • Cited letter or document, John Sullivan to Henry Knox January 24, 1787 Author: John Sullivan Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Letter, Citation only Cited in Knox to Sullivan, 02/07/1787.
  • Request for settlement of accounts January 24, 1787 Author: John Robb Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: Robb asks Howell to settle his accounts and transmit the appropriate Certificates to him.
  • Suppression of Insurgents January 25, 1787 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: Gouverneur Morris Summary: Knox tells Morris of the actions of General Sheppard and General Lincoln's forces as they sought to confront the insurgents during Shays' Rebellion.
  • Organization and Uniforms of the Elements of the Legionary Corps January 30, 1787 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: [not available] Summary: Knox describes the organization and uniforms of the Legionary Corps of the following elements; the Cavalry; the Artillery; Rifle or Light Troops (Rifle Corps); the Infantry.
  • Receipt for pay received January 31, 1787 Author: Noah Lee Recipient: Unknown Recipient Summary: Noah Lee's signed receipt for pay received. Lee was a captain in Moses Hazen's Regiment.