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  • Account of Charles Stockly January 12, 1787 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: Charles Stockly Summary: After correcting the errors in the account statement sent by Stockly , Howell is ready to settle his account and will send the appropriate Certificate to him.
  • Request for response on Colonel Harmer's account January 12, 1787 Author: Major Erkuries Beatty Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: Beatty had written an earlier letter to Howell asking for a prompt response on Colonel Harmer's account and has yet to receive a reply.
  • Account of late Postmaster January 13, 1787 Author: John Pierce Recipient: James Milligan Summary: Informs Milligan that the late postmaster John Durham's account does not show money and goods that he received in 1781 and 1783.
  • Helping Travis Wingale Get Acquainted with the City January 14, 1787 Author: John Sullivan Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: Sullivan asks Knox to help his friend Travis Wingale get acquainted with New York by introducing him to some of Knox's friends in in the city.
  • Certificate needed January 15, 1787 Author: John Pierce Recipient: John Hopkins Summary: Requests that Hopkins hold the amount owed to Major Richard Call until Call is able to procure a certificate that verifies that the old emissions advanced by the state of Virginia have been accounted for.
  • Mistake in the pay of Dr. Watts January 15, 1787 Author: John Pierce Recipient: John White Summary: Informs White that a $100 mistake was made in the pay of Dr. Watts, though the name was omitted on the account. Requests that he attempt to convince Watts to return the money.
  • Account information January 15, 1787 Author: John Pierce Recipient: Charles Croxall Summary: Informs Captain Croxall that, upon receipt of his depreciation account, he will allow pay to the time of his prisoner exchange and a year's pay upon his appointment as a retiring officer.
  • Account of old emissions January 15, 1787 Author: John Pierce Recipient: Unknown Recipient Summary: Encloses a copy of an account of old emissions advanced by the State of Virginia to Major Richard Call for the recruiting service. Requests that the amount due him be held until he produces the appropriate certificate.
  • Delay in Correspondence Caused by Icy River January 15, 1787 Author: William Price Recipient: Henry Knox Summary: The river is so full of ice it is not possible to safely send the three pounders which Knox requested. The guns will either be sent once the river is clear or Knox can have them sent by land. Price will draw two months pay at the first opportunity. Any commands from Knox can be left at Widow Warren's in the highlands; Price will visit once a week to retrieve them.
  • Letter Citation January 15, 1787 Author: A.W. Dunscomb Recipient: John Pierce Summary: Cited in Pierce to Dunscomb, 02/06/1787.