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  • No Available Image January 4, 1787 Author: Unknown Author Recipient: John Mercier Summary: No available image.
  • Account of Pierce Manning January 5, 1787 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: Richard Humpton Summary: Howell is ready to settle the account of Pierce Manning as soon as the appropriate order is forwarded. His Certificates have been issued to the Agents of the line.
  • Bayard's back pay January 6, 1787 Author: Stephen Bayard Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: Bayard requests assistance in obtaining his back pay which, except for a small sum owed the Comptroller's office, is justly due him.
  • Cited letter or document, Henry Knox to William Price January 8, 1787 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: William Price Summary: Letter, Citation only Cited in Price to Knox, 01/15/1787, and Price to Knox, 02/08/1787.
  • Allowance rejected January 8, 1787 Author: John Pierce Recipient: Colonel Israel Shreve Summary: Informs Col. Shreeve that, without the approval of Congress, he cannot make an allowance for Shreeve's advances to his officers beyond what has already been granted.
  • Regarding settlement January 9, 1787 Author: John Pierce Recipient: Captain Jonathan Santford Summary: Informs Captain Santford that money he received as paymaster to Colonel Spencer's regiment was omitted from his settlement. Pierce wants to know how Sanford expects to meet this obligation.
  • Application for Receipts January 9, 1787 Author: Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Recipient: Samuel Huntington Summary: In accordance with a request by John Pierce, Wolcott is requesting that Huntington transmit to him copies of regimental agents' receipts so that settlements can be completed.
  • Request for Military Appointment January 10, 1787 Author: Henry Knox Recipient: Winthrop Sargent Summary: Henry Knox is responding to Winthrop Sargent's letter requesting an office. He is offering the possibility that Sargent be appointed to the Office of the Inspector of the Troops; but that the election will be dependent upon Congress. He also mentioned Sargent's desire to remain with the Massachusetts line. Described role and duties of the officer.
  • Cited letter or document, A.W. Dunscomb to John Pierce January 10, 1787 Author: A.W. Dunscomb Recipient: John Pierce Summary: Cited document. Cited in Pierce to Dunscomb, 02/06/1787.
  • Payment of Colonel Baldwin's Regiment January 11, 1787 Author: John Pierce Recipient: Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Summary: Informs Oliver Wolcott, Jr. that only an abstract of the pay roll exists of the payment of Colonel Baldwin's regiment in 1776, so there is no record of the names of the men in the regiment or those who deserted from it.