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  • Treasury and Pay Office Affairs January 2, 1786 Author: Jonathan Nicholson Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: The author apologizes for having allowed the recipient's letter of November 11 to be temporarily lost in the mass of paper in his office. Regarding the depreciation of the pay of officers who were prisoners it generally commenced from September 1, 1777 although there are exceptions. These amounts are available at the Treasury so the recipient might check their accounts to confirm the amounts paid...
  • Settlements with Army Pay Agents January 2, 1786 Author: Richard Lloyd Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: Lloyd requests information on the action of Congress in regards to settlement with regimental pay agents
  • Articles of a Treaty with the Choctaw Nation January 3, 1786 Author: Treaty Recipient: Treaty Summary: Treaty Concluded at Hopewell on the Keowee River near Seneca Old Town between the commissioners plenipotentiary of the Choctaw Nation and the U.S. 11 Articles
  • Pay Settlements with Virginia Continental Regiments January 4, 1786 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: Jonathan Smith Summary: Howell's answer to Smith's inquiry regarding the settlement of his "three months pay." Discusses the settlement with the "Virginia Line" - the Virginia regiments from the Revolutionary War
  • Report on Treaty of Hopewell, Made with the Cherokee Indians January 4, 1786 Author: Andrew Pickens Recipient: John Hancock Summary: Report of commissioners Hawkins, Andrew Pickens, and Joseph Martin on their treaty with the Cherokee. Includes a detailed description of their meeting and their impressions of the Cherokee and their relation of the Cherokee's concerns.
  • Settlement of Army Officer's Account January 4, 1786 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: Gibbs Jones Summary: Since Congress has foreclosed the settling of any claims for the period prior to August 1, 1786, the author is unable to settle the recipient's account; nor does there appear to be any other means by which the recipient can obtain the money which he claims is still due him.
  • Settlement of Army Officers' Accounts January 5, 1786 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: Jonathan Nicholson Summary: Discusses the settlement of the accounts of two officers, Captain William Coxe and Captain William Ferguson.
  • Certification of Army Service and Pay January 5, 1786 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: To All Concerned Summary: Notification concerning the service status of Captain William Coxe and the settlement of his account
  • Cover Letter for Pay Certificate January 5, 1786 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: John Bayard Summary: Cover letter for a certificate of pay for Captain William Coxe and a request to forward Howell's letter to Nicholson of 01/05/1786 which discussed the status of Coxe's account
  • Cover Letter for Officers' Certificates January 6, 1786 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: John White Summary: Cover letter for certificates of pay for two officers and discusses the settlement of their accounts