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  • Pay of the officers and men February 6, 1785 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: A.W. Dunscomb Summary: Discusses various issues relating to the pay of the officers and men, in particular those in Colonel Henry Lee's Legion.
  • Monthly Return for Pennsylvania and Jersey Troops at Fort McIntosh February 6, 1785 Author: Josiah Harmar Recipient: Richard Henry Lee Summary: A monthly return of Pennsylvania and New Jersey troops in the service of the U.S. at Fort McIntosh as of 1 February 1785.
  • Accounts of German Regiment and Captain Gaither February 7, 1785 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: Jonathan White Summary: Discusses various pay issues regarding the German Regiment. Discusses the accounts of Captain Gaither.
  • Requesting negotiation of bills of exchange February 7, 1785 Author: Elbridge Gerry Recipient: Samuel Hodgdon Summary: Elbridge Gerry sends to Samuel Hodgdon a letter requesting that bills of exchange be negotiated without delay.
  • Regarding returns of Pennsylvania troops and the need to maintain presence at Fort McIntosh February 8, 1785 Author: Josiah Harmar Recipient: President John Dickinson Summary: Lt.Colonel Josiah Harmar encloses returns of Pennsylvania troops and reports to Pennsylvania President John Dickenson informing him of the likelihood that, upon abandoning the garrison, Fort McIntosh will be demolished by "Emigrators" to Kentucky.
  • Accounts of the German Regiment; officer accounts February 8, 1785 Author: Jonathan White Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: Discusses pay accounts of the German Regiment. Discusses various other issues regarding the war office's financial accounts. Discusses the settlement of two officer's accounts.
  • Number of Brigadier General pay entitlements in Virginia February 8, 1785 Author: A.W. Dunscomb Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: Asks what number of Brigadier Generals are considered entitled to pay.
  • Money owed by Mr. Johnson; money from Mr. Weyman February 9, 1785 Author: George Reid Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: Mr. Johnson has indicated that he already paid Howell. Received from Mr. Weyman $40 for warrant. Presents compliments to gentlemen of the office of Owen's family.
  • Payment of Continental troops and New York militia February 9, 1785 Author: Peter Curtenius Recipient: John Pierce Summary: Information on continental troops may be obtained by Joseph Gasherie. Mentions auditors and the liquidation of pay of Continental Troops. Discusses pay of New York militia officers while in captivity. Cannot designate who were continental and who were militia officers. Mentions settlements with Colonel Lee's legion. closes by discussing the falling of securities in New York.
  • Request for materials wanted February 9, 1785 Author: William Price Recipient: Samuel Hodgdon Summary: Delivers a request for materials wanted from the Commissary Military Stores, including powder and ammunition