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  • Entitlement Claims January 13, 1784 Author: Jed Baldwin Recipient: John Pierce Summary: Jed Baldwin sends to John Pierce a letter stating his claim to entitlements.
  • Pay for Officers of the Army Hospital Department January 13, 1784 Author: John Cochran Recipient: John Pierce Summary: Encloses a list (not found) of the gentlemen of the Hospital Department entitled to the commutation of five years full pay under the resolution of Congress of 17 January 1781. Pierce must judge from the language of the resolution whether officers who resigned are entitled to the commutation pay. Provides information about the resignations or service positions of several doctors who served in the...
  • Request for Account Settlement January 13, 1784 Author: Marinus Willett Recipient: John Pierce Summary: Colonel Marinus Willett sends John Pierce a letter that requests settlement of his accounts.
  • Pay Account Settlement January 14, 1784 Author: Robert Morris Recipient: John Jacob Faesch Summary: Robert Morris sends to John Faesh a letter on the subject of account.
  • Commissary Department's Accounts January 15, 1784 Author: John Pierce Recipient: General Huntington Summary: No intelligence received of the success of the compulsory measures adopted in bringing in the commissary's accounts.
  • Request regarding service of foreign officers January 15, 1784 Author: Office of Army Accounts Recipient: Hugh Williamson Summary: Copy of an unsigned letter, likely generated by John Pierce in the Pay Office, requesting information from Hugh Williamson concerning foreign officers.
  • Settlement of a Continental Officer's Account January 15, 1784 Author: John Pierce Recipient: James Milligan Summary: John Pierce sends to James Milligan a letter requesting papers necessary to settle the account of Colonel Warner.
  • Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts January 15, 1784 Author: John Pierce Recipient: John Sherman Summary: Pierce informs Sherman that he has no money with which to pay Mr. Baer.
  • Pay of the Postmaster of the Army January 15, 1784 Author: John Pierce Recipient: Christopher Meng Summary: Pay of the postmaster to the army and the form of the payment. Lacking money on hand, Pierce can only provide a certificate of the pay due.
  • An Officer's Pay January 15, 1784 Author: John Pierce Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: Discusses payment of balance due an officer.