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  • Entitlement to Rations Pay While in Captivity January 4, 1784 Author: John Pierce Recipient: Colonel J. Ward Summary: John Pierce sends to Colonel J. Ward a letter informing him of his entitlement to rations while in captivity.
  • Army Officers' Subsistence Pay January 4, 1784 Author: John Pierce Recipient: Robert Morris Summary: Encloses estimates for the subsistence of the Army for December 1783 and January 1784. Mentions the considerable inconvenience to officers from not receiving subsistence payments for December and request that the pay be sent to him. Requests seven or eight hundred dollars for supply of his own necessities as well as the necessities of those gentlemen assist him.
  • Questions on an Officer's Status January 4, 1784 Author: Joseph S Carth Recipient: Samuel Hodgdon Summary: Requests information from Col. Hodgdon as to whether Captain Emes is to be continued the station he currently fills or be removed. Information either way will be satisfactory. Reference to letter from Mrs. Emes.
  • Pay of the Hospital Department January 5, 1784 Author: John Pierce Recipient: John Cochran Summary: Requests a list of the gentlemen of the Hospital Department entitled to the commutation of five years full pay under the 1781 resolution of Congress. Asks whether officers who resigned are entitled to the commutation pay. Requests information about the resignations or service positions of several doctors who served in the army hospital.
  • Pay and Accounting Issues January 5, 1784 Author: John Pierce Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: Discusses accounting issues as regarding commutations and pay.
  • Warrant for Transfer of Pay from White to Pierce January 5, 1784 Author: Anthony Walton White Recipient: John Pierce Summary: Warrant to transfer one month's pay from Col. White's account to the South Carolina State Association of the Cincinnati.
  • Accounts of General Lincoln January 5, 1784 Author: Joseph Nourse Recipient: Joseph Howell Summary: Discusses an adjustment to the accounts of Major General Lincoln from his command in the Southern Department.
  • Military Stores in the Peace Establishment January 6, 1784 Author: Samuel Hodgdon Recipient: Worsley Emes Summary: Discusses the peace establishment as regards places of deposit for United States military stores and the possibilities for Captain Emes's continuation in the service. He will receive preference from Hodgdon in peace establishment appointments.
  • Pay Office Business and other Matters January 6, 1784 Author: Samuel Hodgdon Recipient: Morgan Summary: Discusses the disposition of a valuable horse. Hodgdon desires to receive accounts as as soon as possible. Mentions Morgan's state taking actions regarding land encroachments by Virginia.
  • Accounting for Equipment January 6, 1784 Author: Samuel Hodgdon Recipient: Major Nichols Summary: Discusses accounting for flannel cartidges and tubes.