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  • Estimate of the Pay Due the Militia of the State of Tennessee [no date available] Author: [not available] Recipient: William Simmons Summary: Estimate of the pay due the militia of the state of Tennessee for services performed in Mero district between the first day of May 1996 and thirteenth day of June, 1797
  • Memorandium of Discharges for 1792. [no date available] Author: John B. Evans Recipient: [not available] Summary: Memorandum of discharges from 1792 in the hand of John B. Evans.
  • Memorandium of Discharges for 1792 [no date available] Author: John Hinds Recipient: [not available] Summary: Memorandum of discharges in the hands of John Hinds for services performed in 1792.
  • Muster Roll for the Springfield Armory for December 1795. [no date available] Author: John Bryant Recipient: [not available] Summary: Muster roll of persons employed at the United States Armory at Springfield, State of Massachusetts, for the month of December 1795 under the superintendency of David Ames.
  • Estimate of Expenditures at Springfield for December 1795 [no date available] Author: David Ames Recipient: [not available] Summary: Estimate of expenditures on account of the United States in aid and on account of the Armorers employed in Springfield, Massachusetts in making public arms from December 1st 1795 to January 1st 1796.
  • Account of Capt. Sedgwick [no date available] Author: Theodore Sedgwick Recipient: William Simmons Summary: An itemized account for Capt. Theodore Sedgewick of the 2nd United States Regiment with a total sum of $104.46 for duties performed during a period between 1792 and 1796.
  • Application for Inspector of Fortications. [no date available] Author: Unknown Author Recipient: Secretary of War Summary: Based on his demonstrated military character during the late war, the author asks that he be considered for the Offfice of Inspector of Fortifications, which is still vacant, or for any other station for which he may be deemed qualified.
  • Estimate of Expenditures of the Purveyors Office for 1801 [no date available] Author: Israel Whelen Recipient: [not available] Summary: Estimate includes salaries, stationary, firewood handles, office rent.
  • Post Script [no date available] Author: Return Jonathan Meigs Recipient: [not available] Summary: Meigs received clothing in fall of 1797. Has no information with respect to this clothing. Meigs left Detroit beginning November 1797. Thinks the clothing was sent from Pittsburgh on its arrival there down the river.
  • Blank Abstracts for Payments and Services of the Indian Department [no date available] Author: [not available] Recipient: [not available] Summary: Blank abstract of articles and supplies delivered by agent for receiving and issuing articles and supplies to Indians under direction of Superintendent Indian Affairs, possibly meant as forms or guides for abstracts to be submitted.