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  • Notes on Captain Pierre Ayott Claim [no date available] Author: Unknown Author Recipient: [not available] Summary: Notes on the claim of Captain Pierre Ayott
  • [Extract from the Report of B. Lincoln , Cyrys Griffin and D. Humphries Commissioners for a Treaty with the Souths Indians] [no date available] Author: Benjamin Lincoln Recipient: [not available] Summary: Investigation into representation at several treaties between U.S. and Creeks, verified Creeks ceded hunting grounds to Georgia.
  • Questions of Joseph Howell to Captain Pierre Ayott [no date available] Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: Captain Pierre Ayott Summary: Questions of Joseph Howell to Captain Pierre Alyott regarding his claim; discusses raising a company for the service of the United States; Alyott's answers to questions about the raising of his company and the details of his capture
  • Speech to the Chiefs Sachems and Warriors at Buffalo Creek [no date available] Author: Israel Chapin Jr Recipient: Chiefs, Sachems and Warriors at Buffaloe Creek Summary: Mr. Parrish is at Cayuga. Chapin had sent a speech by Mr. Ransome to the Seneca along with whiskey to commemorate the death of Fish Carrier. Chapin wants to arrange a time and place to meet the Indians to distribute clothing as well as pass along the money owed them by Mr. Phelps. The Company making a settlement on Lake Erie will arrive soon, they are to meet with the Indians.
  • Waters' account [no date available] Author: John White Recipient: John Betts Summary: Remarks that he is sensible that Betts has left nothing untried respecting Waters' account.
  • Speech to the Senecas at Buffalo Creek [no date available] Author: Israel Chapin Jr Recipient: Seneca Chiefs Summary: Chapin has been in Philadelphia attending the Seneca's business. Phelps will make his payment within a month and a half. Phelps and others plan to settle near Presque Isle, but Chapin told them they must meet with the Indians first. There are goods for the Indians ready to be taken. The Quakers in Philadelphia want to come to the Seneca and teach the children to read and write, teach agriculture,...
  • Conversation between Governor Blount and Captain Handley [no date available] Author: William Blount Recipient: Handley Summary: Blount interviews Handley about his captivity with the Cherokee and information he may have gathered while there.
  • Notes on Treaty Negotiations [no date available] Author: Unknown Author Recipient: [not available] Summary: The unknown author lists points to be made during treaty negotiations and discusses civilizing Indians, the Revolutionary War and Indian independence.
  • [Speech to the Indians] [no date available] Author: Henry Burbeck Recipient: [not available] Summary: Partial text. Assurances of U.S. strength as ally and encouragement to maintain peaceful relations with the white settlers. Appears to advise Indians not to listen to the French or Spaniards who might be encouraging them to go to war with the U.S. Says that a bounty of arms and ammunition will be paid to any Indian who takes a spy or their papers and turns them in to the U.S. Government.
  • Plan for the Adjutant General's Department. [no date available] Author: War Department Recipient: [not available] Summary: This is a rough draft of a plan submitted for the regulation of the Adjutant General's Department.