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  • Settlement of an Officer's Account July 30, 1783 Author: Colonel De Cambray Recipient: John Pierce Summary: De Cambray empowers Col. Laumoy to settle his accounts with Congress. Notes two particular items of concern: compensation for the cost of hiring a servant and compensation for a journey from Fort Pitt to Charleston on orders in the public service.
  • Furloughs for Chaplains and Doctors October 13, 1783 Author: Benjamin Lincoln Recipient: Timothy Pickering Summary: Concerning the authorization of furloughs for chaplains and medical officers, refers Pickering to a resolution of Congress on the subject. Discusses the demands of an officer for pay and commutations.
  • Treaty at French Lick with the Chickasaw November 6, 1783 Author: Treaty Recipient: Unknown Recipient Summary: Account of the Virginia-Chickasaw Treaty of 1783 held at French Lick
  • Application for Pay November 10, 1783 Author: David Brearly Recipient: John Pierce Summary: Discusses his application for payment of arrears in his pay for service in the Revolutionary War
  • Washington's View on De Witt's Discharge November 17, 1783 Author: George Washington Recipient: Simeon DeWitt Summary: General Washington states that he does not think himself at liberty to grant De Witt's discharge as long as Congress has needs of his services. Advises De Witt to apply to Congress to determine if they still have need of his services.
  • Pay of Connecticut Soldiers December 11, 1783 Author: Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Recipient: John Pierce Summary: Explains that the Connecticut men who enlisted for 8 months in 1782 were considered by the state government to be militia in the service of the United States and were paid by the state accordingly. Notes that these men are also on Pierce's accounts for pay from the United States and requests a proposal for a remedy of the situation. Requests a list of their names, regiments, and time in service...
  • Letter Citation December 21, 1783 Author: Edward Carrington Recipient: Samuel Hodgdon Summary: Cited in Hodgdon to Carrington, 02/21/1784.
  • Letter Citation December 26, 1783 Author: Captain Carlisle Recipient: Samuel Hodgdon Summary: Cited in Hodgdon to Carlisle, 03/02/1784.
  • Letter Citation December 29, 1783 Author: Robert Troup Recipient: John Pierce Summary: Cited in Pierce to Troup 01/17/1784.
  • Letter Citation January 1, 1784 Author: Hugh Williamson Recipient: John Pierce Summary: Cited in Pierce to Williamson 01/15/1784