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  • Request for time to draw map of country [no date available] Author: [not available] Recipient: [not available] Summary: Headmen request paper and pencil and to be left to themselves in order to draw up a map of their country.
  • Army Recruiting November 1799 Author: Alexander Hamilton Recipient: James O'Hara Summary: Routine instructions and correspondence concerning Army recruiting.
  • Box for My Brother May 1798 Author: Judith Sargent Murray Recipient: Samuel Hodgdon Summary: Murray asks for Hodgdon's assistance in ensuring that a box addressed to her brother arrives safely at its destination in Cincinnati.
  • [no title available] [no date available] Author: [not available] Recipient: [not available] Summary: [not available]
  • [no title available] [no date available] Author: [not available] Recipient: [not available] Summary: [not available]
  • Speech by Tiahogwando at Treaty of Six Nations at Albany New York August 25, 1775 Author: Tiohogwando Recipient: [not available] Summary: This speech was made at Treaty Conference held at Albany New York in August 1775, attended by the Reverend Samuel Kirkland. "Brothers: this is all the Six Nations have to say at present. They would just mention one thing more before they break up. The Six Nations look upon this as a very good time to speak their minds, as here are the representatives of the twelve United Colonies. The dispute...
  • Request for pay for Captain James Wilson December 6, 1776 Author: Joseph Howell Recipient: General William Irvine Summary: The author examines the request for pay for Captain James Wilson and, after a thorough examination of the records, finds the request unwarranted. Indeed, Wilson may have been given more pay than was due him.
  • Receipt of Funds for the Southern Army July 27, 1781 Author: William S. Alexander Recipient: John Pierce Summary: Alexander's receipt and promise to deliver money being sent from the Continental Army's Paymaster General to General Nathaniel Greene's Southern Army.
  • Letter Citation August 3, 1781 Author: Joseph Clay Recipient: John Pierce Summary: Cited in Pierce to Board of Treasury, 09/13/1787.
  • General Greene's Southern Army July 10, 1782 Author: Benjamin Lincoln Recipient: Nathaniel Greene Summary: Lincoln expresses sympathy for the sufferings of General Greene's troops. Greene's army entitled to better fare. Mentions the meritorious and gallant exertions of Greene's troops under extreme difficulties. Lincoln believes they merited a better fate. He regrets that he is unable to redress the army's grievances. Other extracts mention supplies and clothing during the Revolutionary War.