Community Transcription – Sixty-Five Months

October 4th, 2016

September marked the sixty-fifth month since we opened the War Department archives to community transcription. We continue to receive regular requests for transcriber accounts. Here is a snapshot of transcription activity for the month:

Forty-six new transcribers signed up last month, and as of September 30, the total number of transcribers was 2,730. These new transcribers come from a variety of backgrounds and include university students, genealogists, archivists, historians, and writers.

The individuals who signed up to transcribe in September mentioned an interest in people and topics such as the Wyandot people, military chaplains, Fallen Timbers, Henry Knox, and the Simcoe family.

Transcribed documents include documents regarding the account of requisitions made for Lincoln’s Mill; request for pay despite records lost during St. Clair defeat; clothing, muskets, and powder; training, supplies, and pay; British military activity; paperwork arriving with next post; agreement to repair arms; and updates on troop movement. Special thanks to students of Dr. George Oberle’s History 300 class for transcribing a large number of documents this month.

Our community of transcribers have added 358 transcribed pages to War Department documents, with the total number of saves being 19,286. Overall, we have had 557,516 page views.

For the month of October, we are encouraging our volunteers to transcribe documents relating to politics in Early America. The following documents mention this theme and are in need of transcription: ‘artful Democrats’ and federal reactions, details of the post-presidential journey home, Hamilton’s plan for military supply, and disputes over the importance of the Army and Navy. Follow us on Twitter (@wardeptpapers) where we’ll be posting more documents in need of transcription throughout the month of October that discuss this theme.

Interested in contributing to the project? Individuals can register for a transcription account and become a transcription associate.