Help complete a Transcription!

April 9th, 2014

Every now and then, a document gets only partly transcribed. It’s important to keep this in mind when you are looking through the documents nominated for transcription; if the first page has already been transcribed, read through to make sure it is the whole page, and then click through the document. You may be able to help us by completing the transcription!

If you are interested in helping us to wrap up these loose ends, here are a few documents which were started but have not yet been completed:

Treaty of Peace, Amity and Commerce between the State of Georgia and the Creek Nation, November 3, 1786. Two out of four pages need to be transcribed (pages 5-13 are alternate copies of the same text).

Henry Knox to Otho H. Williams, June 11, 1788, regarding the ratification of the Constitution. Two out of three pages need to be transcribed.

Opinion of Hamilton & Knox Respecting the Brigantine “Little Sarah”, July 8, 1793. This is an eight page document, of which only half the first page has been transcribed.

John Pierce to John White, concerning various accounts, October 28, 1786. One page needs to be transcribed.

Discussion of Possible Decisions by Board of Treasury Regarding Army Contracts, November 22, 1786. The address leaf and second page of the document need to be transcribed.

John Pierce regarding pay due Virginia Officers, December 1786. One page needs to be transcribed.

Examination of the claim of John Morrill. Two pages to transcribe.

Thanks to all our transcribers for their great work!