Nominated Document Spotlight-Murder and Mischief

August 8th, 2013

Are you a new transcriber who wants to see how hard it is to unravel historic handwriting? Are you a seasoned transcriber looking for a bigger challenge? This week we ask for your help with another document that has not yet been transcribed. Written by Robert Rankin to Thomas Lewis, this four-page document includes a report on incidents of murder and theft on the Ohio River by assailants in boats. The letter references whiskey, and murder, and the taking of prisoners. It is a slightly challenging document-the handwriting is good, but the image is not perfect.

Please help us get this document transcribed and into the historical record.

You may read and transcribe the original document here.

Next week we’ll feature another installment in our transcriber spotlight series.

This is one of many–there are many more documents awaiting transcription. Take a moment to register ( and choose a document to begin your adventure. You will be doing important work by adding to the historical record, and you never know what you will read!