Community Transcription: March 2017

April 3rd, 2017

March 2017 marked the seventy-first month since we opened the War Department archives to community transcription, and over five years after launch we still receive requests for transcriber accounts! Here is a snapshot of transcription activity for last month:

Twenty-four new transcribers signed up last month which brings the total number of transcribers up to 2,874 as of March 31, 2017. These individuals who signed up in March mentioned an interest in people and topics such as the history of the Choctaw Nation, William Simmons, Kentucky Mounted Volunteers, Battle of Fallen Timbers, Joshua Humphreys,  Oconee War, and Georgia.

Newly transcribed documents include ones regarding procedures to charge stores, certification of payment, request for boring mill and bill of scantling, memorandum for Doctor Johnson, and estimate of money wanted for supplies for Georgia. Transcribers also transcribed documents reflecting last month’s theme of the military, including discussion of transportation of military stores from Rhode Island, general policy on southern frontier, concerning military stores and clothing, plans for providing and issuing military supplies, request for military regulations, account of Captain James Bruff, and shipment of paper and military stores.

Our community of transcribers have added 262 transcribed pages to War Department documents, with the total number of saves being 20,212. Overall, we have had 688, 521 page views.

For the month of April, we are encouraging our volunteers to transcribe documents relating to international affairs. The following documents mention this theme and are in need of transcription: response to inquires from John Adams regarding relations with France, activity with France, and intelligence report on relations between Spain and Britain.  Follow us on Twitter (@wardeptpapers) where we’ll be posting more documents in need of transcription throughout the month.

Interested in contributing to the project? Individuals can register for a transcription account and become a transcription associate.