Transcribe This: Coats, Vests, Overalls, Etc. Needed by Soldiers

November 19th, 2015

This letter, authored by Stephen Rochefontaine, was written December 9, 1796 at West Point. Rochefontaine was writing to Samuel Hodgdon, who was in Philadelphia, regarding soldiers at West Point who are in need of items of clothing.

Rochefontaine requests clothing for corps who are still at West Point. He writes that “the season has become so inclement for 10 days past” and the men are suffering from want of clothing. The sergeants are in need of “coats, vests, overalls, and shirts,” while privates require “vests, overalls, shirts, socks, and shoes.” Musicians’ coats are also requested. The items of clothing are to be sent in the care of Lieutenant Drausy, but if he is not returning to West Point immediately, Rochefontaine asks that the clothing be sent before him. Captain Frye should also be notified, since he can inform Manning and Smith, the contractors, as “for in the hurry of business” the clothes “are sometimes remaining in the store forgot.”

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Community Transcription – Fifty-Four Months

November 3rd, 2015

October was the fifty-fourth month since we opened the War Department archives to community transcription, and we continue to receive regular requests for transcriber accounts. Here is a snapshot of transcription activity for the month:

Twenty-three new transcribers signed up last month, and as of October 31, the total number of transcribers was 2,385. These new transcribers included university students, military historians, teachers, independent researchers, preservation society members, and affiliates of universities in Ireland and Australia.

The individuals who signed up to transcribe in October mentioned an interest in topics and people such as the fur tradethe Ohio River Valley, Wilderness Trace, the Kentucky militiaGeorge Grant McIntosh, and the Revolutionary War.

Transcribed documents include the status of supplies lost in a sunken boatcompensation for Indiansa request to work as a Navy surgeon, an account of an Indian attack on the Ohio and Wabash Rivers, Indian attacks in the Ohio territory, and a letter of support for the President.

Our community of transcribers have added 314 edits to War Department documents, with the total number of saves being 15,893. Overall, we have had 289,487 page views.

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