Transcribe this: Maria Butler to President Washington

January 14th, 2015

Maria Butler, the “relick” (widow) of General Richard Butler, wrote to President George Washington late in 1791 to express her concern over the insecurity of the frontier at Pittsburgh and points west. Her husband had only recently been killed in a battle between the Western Confederacy of Indians and the United States which took place near what is today the border between Ohio and Indiana and his body was buried on the field. Although the area around Pittsburgh seemed dangerous to Mrs. Butler, she was determined to remain in the area with her children.

The images of this document are scanned from microfilm and can be difficult to read, but if you’re up for a bit of a challenge, transcribe this document. If you do not have a transcriber account, sign up for one here.

Community Transcription – Forty-Four Months

January 7th, 2015

December was the forty-fourth month since we opened the War Department archives to community transcription. We are still receiving regular requests for transcription accounts. Here is a snapshot of transcription activity for the month:

As of December 31, we had 2,072 users, with 23 new transcribers registered since the last update. Those volunteer transcribers have made 14,152 saves to War Department documents, which is about 80 additional edits since the last update. The average number of edits before a document is saved continues to be three. We have had 222,628 total page views.

Among those who signed up to transcribe in the last month included military historians, professional transcribers, museum employees, as well as high school and university students. Transcribers include teachers at every level of education, elementary to university. Those who specified an interest or focus mentioned United States policy toward American Indians, the treaty with the Seven Nations, Anthony, Wayne, and ship construction.

As we continue to move forward with the project, individuals may still register for a transcription account.