Community Transcription – Forty Months

September 3rd, 2014

It has been forty months since weĀ opened the War Department archives to community transcription. We are still receiving regular requests for transcription accounts

Here is a snapshot of transcription activity in the last month:
As of this morning, we have 1,912 users, with approximately 49 new transcribers signed up since the last update. Those volunteer transcribers have made 13,236 saves to War Department documents, which is about 111 additional edits since the last update. We also know that, on average, each document is edited about three times before it is finished. Moreover, we have had 198,422 total page views.

A wide variety of people have volunteer as transcribers, including independent scholars, genealogists, and military veterans. Transcribers include teachers at every level of education, elementary to university. Those who specified an interest or focus mentioned native peoples, trade goods, North Carolina, and Warren Township, New Jersey. There were also transcribers who were interested in the Papers of the War Department project and the potential use of primary sources in secondary education.

As we continue to move forward with the project, users may stillĀ register for a transcription account.